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How to put the toys back together after an earthquake

A dog toy box and a dollhouse toy box were destroyed when a quake hit an apartment building in northern Ontario last month.

The city’s fire department is investigating the cause of the destruction, which occurred around 7 p.m.

Oct. 12 in the area of the building, according to a release.

The debris came from a destroyed dog box, the fire department said.

The building, which is located about 40 kilometres north of Toronto, was gutted by the quake, and about 200 people were displaced from the area.

The city had about 2,500 firefighters and 20 ambulance crews on scene to assist the injured, according with the release.

The dollhouse, which was placed on the floor, was still intact when firefighters arrived.

Firefighters found the dog box on the second floor of the condo.

The dollhouse was moved to a nearby building after it was destroyed.

According to fire department officials, it is unknown how long the dollhouse had been in use.

It could be years.

Residents living in the building were urged to keep pets inside.

The dog toy boxes were placed on top of a bed, and the doll house on top, said fire chief Rick Tumilnik.

“The city is trying to make sure that this isn’t something that is going to happen again,” Tumillnik said.

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