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Which toys to buy in your town?

Some of the top toys for kids in many towns are available from retailers like Walmart, Toys R Us, Amazon, and other retailers.

Here are a few of our favorite retailers that stock some of the most popular toys.1.

Markitos Toys R U (Walmart)2.

Toys RU (Amazon)3.

Wal-Mart (Toys R Us)4.

Toys-R-Us (Wal-Mart)5.

ToysRU (WalMart)6.

Toys ‘R Us (Wal Mart)7.

Toys (Targets)8.

Target (Target)9.

Walgreens (Target stores)10.

Target/Kmart (Target and Walmart)11.

Target Toys (Target, Walgarts, Target stores)12.

Walmart (Kmart stores)13.

Toysmart (Walmerts)14.

Target Sports (Target sports stores)15.

Target Fitness (Target fitness stores)16.

Target Home (Target home stores)17.

Target Kids (Target kids stores)18.

Target Beauty (Target beauty stores)19.

Toys and more (Klix, Staples, Walmart)20.

Toys Toys (Kohl’s, Target, Toys, etc.)