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‘I’m so sorry for you’: Baby walker baby toy owner apologises for ‘shameful’ abuse

A woman who made a toy baby walkers for her five-month-old son said she was “so sorry” for what happened.

In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Stephanie Prentice said she bought the Walkers toy and later bought the baby walkERs for her son and another boy.

“I bought them for him, but he had never heard of them before,” she said.

She said she didn’t realize the Walker were so “shamefully inappropriate” until she saw the pictures.

The baby walkERS were sold at Walmart and Toys R Us, and were available in baby-size versions and mini versions.

Prentice said the walkers were “so cute” but “so inappropriate” that she now doesn’t want them around her son.

I just want to apologize for the shock that I feel about them.

“They are not appropriate for any other age than five months old,” she told ABC.

ABC News has reached out to Walmart and the Walkners for comment.