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LEGO Playmobil figures are being sold in the UK for the first time

LEGO toys are being widely available in the United Kingdom.

The company has released the first of its Lego Playmobiles, the Ninja Turtle, and they’ve now sold out on the internet.

The toy company has announced that the Ninja Turtles and the other Playmobile figures are now available for purchase in the country, and you can order them from Amazon.

The Ninja Turtle comes in a range of colours, including purple, pink and orange, and is set to be released on August 15.

The other figure in the series is the toy turtle named Ninja, which has a pink and white design and is available for pre-order from Amazon now.

The figures are sold from Amazon and other online retailers for £5.99 each.

The toys are made by Lego in Britain, and will be available in brick-and-mortar shops in the coming weeks.

You can pre-ordered the toys at Amazon here, and the official website is here.

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