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Disney’s ‘Toy Chest’ is the best gift you can make for your little one

Disney’s “Toy Chest” is the most popular toy in the Disney Parks and Resorts line. 

“Toy Chest,” a small, black, plastic box that can hold a whole dollhouse, can be found at almost any Disney theme park. 

The box is designed to hold a dollhouse and an assortment of toys, including a toy-sized dinosaur toy, baby doll, plush doll, dinosaur toys and other fun and exciting gifts for kids. 

Its appeal is its simplicity and affordability. 

You can find it for just $20, the price of a regular Disney Parks gift card, or for a little bit more it can be bought for $45 and comes with a gift card for an annual pass to all Disney Parks. 

To purchase the box, you need to be at least 12 years old and a member of the Disney Family. 

Disney has launched the Toy Chest at several of its theme parks, including Disneyland and Hollywood Studios. 

It’s a great way to have a little extra cash left over from the park’s ticket prices. 

If you want a gift for your children, the box can be used for that too, and you’ll save even more money. 

And to add a little more fun, you can decorate it with different kinds of toys. 

Here’s how you can use the toy chest to decorate your home or office. 


Make a toy from your own materialsThe Toy Chest is a very simple and practical toy for children to use to decorat their home or place it in their room, if you don’t have a toy for that, you might be able to make one from your household items. 

Take some plastic cutters, scissors and glue, and put some cardboard in the box. 

Then, just cut out pieces that are about 3 inches wide, 1.5 inches high and 3 inches tall, and attach them to the back of the box with the glue. 

This way, the top is ready to go and the sides can be glued and then put back together. 

When the glue dries, simply put the pieces back together again. 

Once you have the box decorated, it’s time to put it in the toy drawer. 


Make it a gift to your childrenThe Toy Chamber can be purchased as a gift at any Disney park, including Disney Springs, Epcot and Walt Disney World. 

I’ve used it to decorata for my daughter’s birthday and it’s a fun way to make a fun, unique gift for her. 

Use the cardboard cutters to carefully and carefully cut out the various pieces. 

Next, you’ll use your cardboard cutter to carefully cut a hole in the top of the toy box.

Put a couple of layers of paper on top and you’re done! 

It can be placed on top of any wall or shelf, and will be easy to take it out for a visit. 

For an extra bonus, you could even put it into a backpack and keep it in your car to have around for a long time. 


Make your own toy with itIf you can’t find a toy, you’ve got a few other options. 

A little time and a little effort can make a fantastic toy that can be decorated or put in a gift basket. 

There are a few things you need. 

Materials you’ll need: Parchment paper (I used a box of Kraft paper, which is cheap and easy to find, it has an elasticity that makes it stretch easily) Scissors Glue Tape A few different kinds (like a pair of scissors, scissors, glue and tape) Two or three different kinds, like white plastic cutouts or cardboard cutouts. 

Gift cards are also great gifts for children, so you can purchase a toy card or two. 

Make sure that your cardboard box is at least 3 inches high, 1 inch wide and 1 inch thick, and that you have a hole cut in the back to hold the toy. 


Use it for something differentA fun way for children or adults to decorates a toy is to put the toy in it and put the top down to make something special. 

In this case, you want to decorating the top, so choose a piece that can fit inside the toy and put it inside the Toy Chest. 

First, take your scissors and cut out a piece with a hole drilled in it. 

Place it on the top and cut the bottom off. 

Now, cut the top back to fit inside of the Toy Chamber, and cut it back to the same size as the hole. 

Remove the paper from the bottom of the top piece and place it inside. 

Put a couple layers of glue on top, and then glue the top one. 

Tuck the cardboard in place, and repeat with the