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Why are women paying $200 for a sex toy?

Women are getting a lot of attention for their sex toys but are their purchases a good idea?

According to a recent study, men are buying sex toys that are “feminine and sexualized.”

It comes to mind that many of the most popular sex toys are made to fit women, and women are getting more and more into the toy market as a result.

The research shows that a lot more women are purchasing toys than ever before, but most of those are female sex toys.

One recent study found that women buy sex toys for a number of reasons, from self-esteem issues to sexual satisfaction.

It seems that sex toys made to suit women, can actually have an impact on their sexual functioning.

In a study released by the Pew Research Center, the authors asked people to rate on a scale of 1-10 the attractiveness of the toys they purchased and how sexualized they thought they were.

The higher the rating, the more sexually aroused they were, and the more likely they were to be into the toys.

The research also found that when people rate toys on how sexual they think they are, the most likely sex toy to be bought by women is the sex toy that fits them best.

For men, the sex toys with the lowest ratings were those made to appeal to women.

The reason for this is because men tend to buy sex objects for women to feel comfortable in.

Women also tend to purchase toys that will fit into their bodies best.

So, the bottom line is that women are buying toys to make themselves feel more comfortable in their bodies, and for the most part, those women are women.

It doesn’t matter what kind of sex toy you buy, the key is to buy a toy that is comfortable for you.