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Scooby-Doo toys to get more ‘cute’ in 2020

Scooby Doo toys will get more “cute” in 2020, with the latest additions of the Scooby Doo series coming to the UK, with toys that are all-new characters with new voiceover.

The Scooby Snacks toys are being released this year in UK, and will be available in stores from July 20th.

They will be based on the Scoobys original series, with a new Scooby in a new outfit, and a new look for the new Scooby.

The new Scoobs include Scooby the Slider, who has a new voice over, and Scooby Dog, who also has a brand new look.

Other new Scoopys include Scoobydog and Scoobymuggles. 

Scooby Snack dolls will be released in the UK in 2020. 

These are also available in the US, and the UK.