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Markitos’ toys ‘not for children’

Markitics toys are a big hit with parents.

But not everyone is happy about it.

 A toy store in central New York is currently running a campaign to sell toys that are not suitable for children.

The store has posted a video on YouTube in which it explains the toys are for children aged between 4 and 12.

Markitics said it is a good idea to get toys for children from a reputable company, because they can improve their behaviour.

“The main concern we have is that there’s a lot of confusion about what these toys are, what the safety level is, what they’re made of,” the store’s founder, Robert D. Marks, told ABC News.

He said some of the toys had “inhuman elements”.

“The thing we do really strongly, and we have always done this, is try to get a sense of what these things are actually made of, and the materials they’re manufactured in,” he said.

But the toy store’s chief executive, Mark Ritchie, said the toys were “not for kids”.

“We’re not trying to encourage kids to do anything illegal.

We’re not.

And I would argue that it’s really a marketing thing,” he told ABC news.

And Mark Raney, the head of the children’s division of Toys”R”Us, said it was not clear what harm the toys could cause.

Some parents have called on Toys”r”Us to stop selling the toys.

They are sold at several Markiticas locations in New York and California.

However, Marks said Toys”s main aim was to sell toy products to children aged four to 12.”

There are a lot more toys in this age group than we think.

And we think that’s really important,” he added.”

We just think it’s good for our business.

It’s good to be part of this group that sells to kids.”‘

I’m not comfortable with the idea of my child seeing something that is not appropriate’ The toy store, located in the Manhattan neighbourhood of Park Slope, sells some of Markiticks’ toys to parents who come to pick up the toys from the store.

When I visited the store last week, I was surprised to see two children there.

One was 4 years old and the other was 4, Markitica’s CEO said.”

It’s not a toy store.

This is for kids.

They come here to pick them up,” he explained.

I asked the child, who was standing near the front, if he had ever seen a toy before.

He said no.”

I’m the one who is not comfortable being in this store,” he replied.

In a follow-up interview, Marks explained that some of his customers have complained to the company.

My child is not aware of any of the things that I sell.

I think that this is a little bit of a misunderstanding,” he joked.”

This is not for kids,” he insisted.

Many of the adult customers are not happy either.

“My kid is not understanding the toys that I have on the shelves,” one adult customer told ABC.

While Marks said he was “not aware of the whole process” of selling the toy to children, he admitted the idea that Markiticals toys were for children was “misleading”.

Mark Ritchie said the company has always made toys for adults.

“[The toys] were for kids that we sold to, and now I think they’re for adults, too,” he argued.

A spokesman for Markitots parent company, Toys”n”More, did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

ABC News contacted Toys”N”More about the toy chain.