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How to play with your black panthers

By David Shukla | 07 January 2017 04:52:50When you think of black pantheons, the image usually comes to mind of the fearsome and dangerous black panthesthat roam the plains, but according to the Black Panther Party (BPP), there are also some playful black panthey that are actually adorable.

The BPP, a civil rights group founded in the 1960s, released the official “black panther” doll in May, and the black pantherets have quickly become popular with children and adults alike.

The doll is the latest in a line of Black Panther toys, and unlike the Black Lion, which was a toy that belonged to former US President John F Kennedy, the BPP doll is a black pantheon that represents the group.

Black Panther Party spokesman Che Guevara said the dolls were created as a fun and educational toy for kids.

“We wanted to have a little bit of fun and a little little bit more of a fun toy for children,” he said.

“The doll has been a part of our toy line for years.”

When you take it off, it comes out like a panther, but the inside is just like a real panther.

“There are some cute little panthers on there, too.”

“It was a lot of fun to make a toy for the kids, to get kids to think about these great heroes of the American South, and we thought it would be fun to give them a little more to think and think about, too,” Mr Gueva said.