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When the kids are out, the big toys aren’t coming home

The Toys R Us is trying to keep toys out of children’s hands when it comes to its toy story line.

The retailer announced a major partnership with Disney and Warner Bros. Studios to bring a Disney-branded Marvel-themed toy line to children.

The line will feature a wide array of toys, including characters, characters from Marvel Comics, action figures and more.

Toys R and W are bringing Marvel-branded products to Toys R & W stores nationwide beginning on Jan. 18.

Toy Story 3 was a huge hit at toy stores, especially with kids.

Disney announced a limited-edition line of toys and more than 1,000 toys from the film will be available in Toys R&W stores and at other participating Toys R properties beginning Jan. 16.

Toys R& W said the partnership will give fans a chance to enjoy Disney-themed toys at the toy store.

Disney has long said it is interested in creating a Disney franchise.

The company announced plans in February to build a “Disney Infinity” toy store in Orlando, Florida, which was expected to open in late 2018.