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‘Water Monsters’ on Amazon: Water-filled toys and a new ‘super villain’

The Amazon Echo and Water Monsters, two new water-filled toy line from Amazon, are set to go on sale on the Amazon Echo app, as part of the new “Water Monsters” video game franchise.

The series features water monsters that swim through water.

One of the monsters, the Water Monster, can float on the top of water.

Another, the Shark, can use his claws to grab objects in the water.

The toys will be available in water-themed colors and sizes.

The company also announced that a new movie, “Super Hero Squad” and a series of games will be released for the Echo.

The first water-based toy, the Aquatic Aquanaut, is a “water-filled” underwater vehicle that can be used to move through the water, while the Aquarium Toy, a “aquatic robot,” can be equipped with a grappling hook.

The Aquarium Toys will come in water, white, black, green, red and purple colors, with a total of 10 different color options.

The Amazon Echo was released in 2016 as part the “Amazon Prime” program, which lets users pay $99 a year for an unlimited number of free movies and TV shows.

A limited number of products were available for $99 per year.

Amazon also recently added new video games, “Water Wars,” which will launch on the Echo later this month.