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‘Rugby World Cup’ is the greatest ever event for India’s game

With the International Rugby World Cup (IRWC) set to be played in India from February 5-8, and a slew of new and exciting sporting fixtures taking place across the country, the game’s biggest tournament is also set to deliver a slew to its image.

The IRWC is the brainchild of India’s ruling Congress party, and while it has had a storied past in cricket and is known for its domestic and international success, it has yet to get a crack at the international game.

The IRWC was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in June 2016, and was the first sporting event to be held in the country since the independence of India in 1947.

The event was officially launched on January 4, 2017, and the inaugural games were held on February 5, 2017 in Mumbai and Chennai.

India will host the final on February 12, 2018, but there will be no competition for the title of the world’s greatest sporting event.

That honour will belong to the U.S., with the U20 Men’s National Team taking on the U19 Men’s Olympic Team for the first time in their history in an exhibition match on March 16.

This is a huge opportunity for the IRWC to show off its best of what it has to offer to the world.

In its inaugural edition, the tournament has played host to the first-ever women’s world championship in the women’s division of rugby, the Women’s Rugby World Series, and its inaugural event has been held in India.

The Indian men’s side was the best-ranked team in the tournament, with seven of their 12 players selected to represent the country at the event.

India will host this year’s event in its home territory of India, as well as at least one other tournament in the Uptown and Downtown areas of the country.

This is a historic moment for India, and will see it take its first steps towards the world championship.

In addition to the IRWCS, the IRCTC will also see the opening of the IROCF, an indoor-outdoor tournament, to be hosted in 2019.

While the IRCCF is expected to be the last event held in a cricket-mad country before it shifts to the men’s game, the event is already being seen as a milestone for the sport in India, with a number of sports associations in the city of New Delhi announcing their participation in the event, including the BCCI.

The tournament has also been hailed as a major step forward for the game, with its inclusion in the ICC’s World Cup, which India is also hosting this year.

A key element to the success of the tournament is the presence of the top players from India at its games.

The top-class players will feature in all the top-ranked games, as India has not only hosted the tournament but also the World Cup in the past.

While it will be difficult to predict how the final will go, a handful of India players have already confirmed that they will be in attendance for the tournament.

The last time India hosted an international rugby event was in 2007, when India defeated New Zealand to win the Rugby Championship.

The first-year captain of the New Zealand national team, Brendon McCullum, said at the time that he would be there.

He later added that he will be part of the squad for the final, though no details on the squad were given.

India’s first-round draw for the 2019 World Cup was scheduled for May 9, but it was postponed due to the Zika virus outbreak.

The World Cup is one of the key events in the 2017 World Cup calendar, with the final scheduled to be contested in February.

The 2019 World Rugby Championship will also be held, with India being one of eight teams from the Rugby Union World Cup host nation to make it to the final.

India also made the final of the 2019 Rugby World cup in the summer of 2019, losing to Argentina in the semi-final.

India, however, will be without the top talent that the country has assembled this year, and that will be the focus of the event’s draw.

The Indian women’s side is the only team in Indian professional rugby that has yet been invited to the 2019 IRWC.

However, the women are a huge step up in terms of talent compared to the rest of the teams participating.

India has fielded seven players from the current women’s World team, including former World Cup champions and World Cup winners Kiran Bedi and Sarfraz Nawaz.

Bedi was the leading scorer in the 2019 Women’s World Championship, scoring 23 tries.

Bani and Nawaz have been two of the best players on the women in recent years, and their combination of speed, power and versatility will be a huge asset in the final in 2019, which will be played at a neutral venue.