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Toyota: Toyota, Toyota, Toy Shop is bringing new truck-like truck to the US

Toyota, the global automaker that manufactures trucks, said Wednesday it will begin offering truck-sized trailers, vans and other vehicles with the first of the trucks designed for the United States to hit the road later this year.

The vehicles will be powered by a Cummins-built diesel engine and will be built by the company’s Detroit assembly plant, with Toyota supplying engines for the vehicles, Toyota said in a statement.

Toyota, which has a plant in Michigan and has long made trucks with a truck-size capacity, is seeking to fill the void left by the trucking industry’s decision to shut down its truck fleet and to move the company to larger, more fuel-efficient vehicles, which can be delivered quickly.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to deliver the world’s smallest truck to our customers, and we look forward to building on our long history of innovation in the auto industry,” said Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda in a video announcing the new trucks.

Toyoda’s comments came as automakers such as General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler, which owns Jeep, announced plans to build new large trucks to compete with smaller rivals like Nissan and Volkswagen.

Ford and GM said in June they planned to build trucks with the capacity of 500,000 tons (about 8,000 metric tons), while Fiat Chrysler said it was planning to build 1 million tons (1.5 million metric tons) of small trucks.

In June, GM announced it would build a truck with a capacity of 350,000 pounds (210,000 kilograms) and was aiming to bring the truck to market in 2019.

Ford has also said it plans to bring a truck to a new market in China.

The announcement follows the announcement last month that Toyota plans to roll out a smaller version of its popular Toyota Avalon truck.

The new trucks, which will be based on the Avalon, will be equipped with a diesel engine that is roughly half the size of that of a standard truck and will also be equipped to run on gasoline, a move that Toyota said would reduce overall emissions by 25 percent.

Toyoyoda said the new vehicles would be the world first to offer the ability to drive on roads with no gas, though it is unclear how much fuel they will run on.

“The truck’s design will be a first for the world, as will its fuel efficiency, allowing the truck’s capacity to be expanded by two tons to 10,000 tonnes,” Toyota said.

Toyama said that while it will be possible to convert existing Toyota vehicles to fit the truck, the company was focusing on bringing the new models to market with the help of the Japanese automaker’s partner, the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Co. The new trucks will not be produced in Japan.

The company is also developing a new electric version of the Avalon that it says will be able to deliver an average of 5 miles per gallon (16.7 kilometers per gallon) on gasoline-fueled roads.