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Police car toy found in bathroom

Police are investigating after a toy that could be mistaken for a barbie toy was found in a bathroom stall in Perth.

Key points:Police say the toy is believed to be a police car, but they have not confirmed the identity of the toy’s makerThe toy was placed in the bathroom stall of a West Australian manPolice say they are now looking for the toy makerPolice say a search of the stall led them to the toyPolice are investigating the discovery as a possible crime of violenceThe toy, with the words “Police Car”, was found inside a toilet in a Perth home.

The toy is thought to be of police, but police have not officially confirmed the toy-maker’s identity.

“I think the fact it was in the toilet was probably not the most exciting thing,” said Police Commissioner Greg Stewart.

“It’s a little bit like someone has been trying to pull a prank out of their pants and it’s been placed in a public bathroom.”

If it was a bar, they wouldn’t be in there in the first place.

“Police say there was no evidence to suggest the toy was intended for sexual use.”

There is no evidence that this was a sexual act.

It’s an ordinary household toy that is used for cleaning,” Superintendent Craig Edwards said.”

We do know that there is a toilet on the premises and it could have been left there, but we don’t know who it was.

“The toy maker could have left it in the public bathroom or the toilet.”

Police are now investigating the finding as a potential crime of abuse.

“They might not have been aware of what it was or what it could possibly be,” Mr Edwards said, but said it was still too early to say whether the toy had been used in the act.

“But we’ve been working with the owner to ensure there’s no further contact between the suspect and the victim.”

Police have contacted the toy manufacturer to confirm the toy.

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