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What to expect from the Christmas special in Australia

It’s Christmas Day in Australia, and that means you’re likely to see a ton of festive decorations and decorations everywhere you look.

However, there’s a catch.

A Christmas special is not a TV show or a movie.

It’s a live event on Australian TV.

This is what we’re here to tell you about.

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It’ll be on Christmas Day, but the main event will be at the Sydney Opera House, with a Christmas Day-themed show to follow. 


It’ll be in Sydney, but we’re not sure what the big news will be.

We’ve seen a couple of Christmas specials in the past, but it looks like it’ll be a new one.

We know, we know.


There’s also a new special coming to the ABC. 


A Christmas special that will be on Australian television is set to air on Christmas Eve. 


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is showing a Christmas special on ABC2 on Christmas day, with no date yet set for the show.


Somehow, we think it’ll still be a TV special.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the show here in the comments section.


Here’s a look at the Australian version of the Christmas specials.


We’re told the Australian Christmas special will be aired on ABC1 on Christmas night.


And, yes, we’re still expecting a Christmas episode of ‘The X Factor’ to air this year.


As you’d expect, the Australian edition of the ABC has a new Christmas special, and it will air on ABC Radio National on Christmas morning. 


ABC Radio National will air the Australian TV Christmas special as well, and will have the same content as the US version.


If you’re in Sydney or Melbourne on Christmas, you may see a lot of new Christmas decorations. 


You can watch the new Christmas specials on the ABC TV channel. 


New Christmas specials are set to start airing on ABC3 on Christmas eve.


Australian broadcaster ABC3 will be airing a new series of Christmas shows, starting with the ABC’s Christmas special this year on Christmas. 


All ABC3 programs will be hosted by the Australian actor and comedian Nicky Hilton.


On Christmas Day the ABC will also be airing the special ‘The Christmas Special’, with special guests Nicky and Tim from ‘Dinosaurs in Toyland’.


Christmas Day will also see the ABC air the ABC Radio special ‘Christmas Time Out’ on Christmas afternoon, with special guest Mark Wahlberg.


For the first time in 10 years, the ABC Christmas Special will air live on ABC TV on Christmas Night.


This is the second time that the ABC have made the Christmas Special live, with ‘The Amazing Christmas Show’ airing live in 2016.


‘The Christmas Show’, the ABC2 Christmas special and ‘Dinner with Nicky’ are all due to be broadcast live on Christmas in 2018.


Dinner With Nicky is set for Christmas Day. 


Nicky Hilton will be the first host of the new ABC Christmas special. 


What we’re hoping to see at the Christmas show is a new show with a twist. 


One of the shows that is due to air at the ABC on Christmas is a comedy special.


Several ABC2 shows are set for live Christmas Day shows on ABC radio. 


Australia’s first TV show will be live-streamed on YouTube, and we think the Australian premiere will be right around the corner.


Many of Australia’s biggest and most beloved entertainment personalities will be attending the ABC Australia Christmas special at the ABC Sydney Theatre on Christmas Island. 


While the ABC is streaming its Christmas Special, its Australian version is being aired live on Sky Sports.


Sydney will be showing the ABC special on its TV screens. 


With more than 10 million people watching, ‘The Simpsons’ will be a live-viewer favourite. 


Kirk Cameron’s ‘The Legend of Conan’ will air a new episode of the popular children’s series on Christmas Monday.


Cameron has already filmed a Christmas movie, ‘Wrecking Ball’, which will be released in 2018, but fans are hoping for more of his holiday movie.


Piers Morgan will be appearing on ABC television’s ‘Shots Fired’ this Christmas, with new episodes being shown on the channel on Christmas Friday and Saturday nights. 


Hannibal Buress will also appear on ABC Television’s