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Is it Christmas time to buy sex toys for yourself?

It is Christmas time, and so far, you’re getting cheap sex toy options.

And some are even made for one-night stands, like this toy for women, made of plastic, that has a sex toy-themed face.

It costs $59.99 at Amazon, which is the cheapest price we’ve found so far.

But, you might want to take note: The Amazon prices are a little misleading.

A number of products are priced at $10-$20 cheaper than what the Amazon listing says.

This includes items that are sold at Walmart, Target, Target Express, Amazon, Target and Best Buy.

The cheapest item is a “Lush-Lush Tango” silicone vibrator for $29.99, but it only comes with one hook and is available in colors.

It has a soft rubber base, silicone attachments, two hooks and a vibrating mechanism.

There are also sex toys made of PVC, PVC-coated silicone, polyester, and silicone, all of which have different features and costs.

Here are some other options: