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When you’re not eating, your children are getting toys

The holidays are almost here and there are lots of things to get your kids excited about.

But there’s a big one for kids: The new Kratts Toy Gun.

The new toy is a unicorn themed version of a gun that can shoot bullets and have a gun safety feature.

It was developed by toy manufacturer Kratting, which has a lot of fans.

“This is a little toy that is more than a toy.

It’s a gun,” Kratters toy gun designer Tom Binder told ABC News.

The toy features a gun with a laser sight.

“I think it’s an awesome addition for our kids to have, especially those who may not have access to a toy gun or guns.”

The gun is made of polymer, which Binder said is harder to melt than steel.

It weighs about 30 pounds and comes with a barrel with two holes for shooting pellets and a safety feature that allows the toy gun to fire when you touch it.

The Krattts toy gun is not a toy, but the company is selling it in toy stores.

“They’re going to get it, but they don’t know how much it’s going to be worth.

It will probably be worth more than what you pay for a toy,” Binder explained.

Toys are a major part of Kratstons annual holiday sales.

It is not uncommon for toy stores to sell out in a few days.

But the company has already sold more than 100,000 toys and accessories in the past year.

Kratttons popularity is largely thanks to its unicorn theme.

Unicorn animals are popular in children’s books, television shows and movies.

Krtts toy guns, like the one shown above, are not just a cute idea for children, they are a big deal for the toy company.

Binder has seen Kratteds toys on sale at toy stores and even online.

“It was a big hit, even before it went on sale.

It just sold out,” Binders said.

The company is planning to expand the toy line to include more and more items to help increase demand.

The first new toy item is the Krat T-shirt.

Binders told ABC that the shirt will go on sale this year, and will be available at the same time as the Krttts Unicorn Gun.

Kttts toys are designed by a company called Kratty.

The main company that makes Krattty’s toys is called Krotting Toys.

Binding said the company will sell about 100 of its products a year, including the Kritter’s Rainbow Gun.

Bister said he hopes Kratnts toys will be a popular addition to the toy lineup.

“They are a great addition for kids who don’t have access, for kids that have toys but don’t necessarily have access,” he said.