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Alien Toys 3, the sequel to Alien, is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Toys for Bob has confirmed that it has confirmed a sequel to its popular line of sci-fi toys to Nintendo’s Switch.

TFT3, which we previously teased, is set to release on March 23, 2019.TFT3 has already sold more than 2 million units.

Toys for Bob, which is also owned by Nintendo, has been on a long-term roll and the new game line is meant to be the company’s entry into the console space.

TFW3 has also been a fan favorite in the past, as it featured some of the biggest names in gaming in its first three games.TFC3, on the other hand, will likely be Nintendo’s first foray into console gaming, as well as a continuation of its TFT line.

TFC3 will also be TFT4, and we expect to see more games based on the line’s previous titles as well.

The Nintendo Switch is slated to launch on March 3, 2020.TFTS, which has also had a strong year, is expected to be a direct sequel to TFC.

The new game will feature the same game and story mechanics as TFC, but will be completely free-to-play.TFS3 will be a “complete free-roaming platformer with new features and modes,” according to TFT, while TFS4 will “feature a fully voiced cast of characters.”TFT2 and TFT5 will both be available on March 12, 2019, while new titles TFT7 and TFC9 are on their way.