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How to make a Monster Jam toy

We’ve been asked to share our favorite, most adorable, and most fun Monster Jam toys.

And today we’ve got the answers.

You’re welcome!

The following are the Monster Jam’s top 10 favorites, along with a few other cool, unique, and fun things to make.


The Toy-Masters Toy-makers of the world, the Toy-masters of the Monsterjam world are so dedicated to creating the perfect toy that they create so many unique and beautiful toys, like this monster jam toy. 

The Toy-master is not only a craftsman who creates his toys, he also creates a unique look for each toy.

This Toy-Master creates a custom face that is unique and will never go out of style!

This Toy Master creates a different, unique and fun look for his toy.


The Coolest Toys Ever!

The Monsterjam’s Toy-Maker, the Monster-maker of the Monsters, has created the coolest toys of all time.

In fact, this monster-maker has even created a toy with a “fairy tale” theme!


The Great Designer, the most creative in the Monster jams world, The creator of these amazing monster jams toys, this person created many amazing designs and designs for his toys. 

You may not recognize his name.

But if you do, he is a master at creating unique, fun, and unique designs.


The Ultimate Monster Jam-Maker!

This awesome monster maker is also known as the Monstermaker of Monsters, and this person has created many fantastic designs and creations for his Monster Jam products.


The Original Monster Jam Toys!

The original monster jams, and especially the original Monster Jam, toys were made from scratch in the factory of the Toy Maker, the monster-makers factory.

This person created all his toys from scratch, and the best part is that he has been creating them for decades!


The Greatest Toy-Man in the World!

The Toy Maker is the ultimate monster-man, the greatest monster-maverick of all!

The first Toy Maker to be awarded a gold medal by Guinness World Records, this is the creator of the original monster jam and monster toys.


The Legendary Maker of Monster Jam Toy-Toys!

This amazing Monster Maker of Monsters has been responsible for some of the most amazing Monster Jam creations ever created.

The person behind the creation of this amazing Monster jam toy, is one of the top creators of the monster jams.


The Creator of the Ultimate Monster-Jam-Toy!

The Creator and the master of the greatest Monster Jam and Monster Jam product ever created, this one man, has also created some of these best Monster Jam items ever.


The Maker of the Greatest Monster Jam T-Shirts in History!

The creator and the most talented of the amazing MonsterJam product ever, this creator created the most unique, creative and amazing Monster-jam T-shirts ever created!


The Beastie Boys, The Beasties Monster Jam Creator The Beast-maker is the mastermind behind the MonsterJam products.

He has created some incredible Monster Jam merchandise, and also created many of the best Monster-Majors merchandise in history.