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Toys, toys, toys: Toys, Toys, Tots on sale

Toys are selling like hotcakes in the wake of the Super Bowl.

That’s because the Toys”R”Us and Walmart toy aisle is on a roll.

On Friday, Toys”r”Us sold more toys than all the other retailers combined, and Walmart surpassed Toys” R”Us to become the No. 1 seller.

Walmart is expected to sell more than $500 billion in toys in the next three months, according to a report from Wedbush Securities.

So there’s no shortage of money to spend on toys.

Walmart’s Toys”land, which opened in March and features more than 1,600 retail locations, is expected hit the 2.4 million mark this year.

It has over 1,100 locations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Toys” rushers like Amazon.com are offering millions of dollars in toys, with a $2,500 rebate for first-time shoppers.

In addition, Toys “R” Us is giving shoppers a $10 gift card with every purchase.

The company has also launched its first online store for toys, Toys.com, which will be up and running in mid-December.

Walmart was founded in 1946.

The toy chain has been known for its toy lines for decades, and in recent years, the company has been focusing on more family-friendly products.

Walmart recently launched a new line of clothing called Walmart Kids, which is aimed at children under 6.