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Buzz Lightyear toy and Bionicle toy made by Toys ‘R’ Us are the same

The same Bionicles toy from the popular science fiction franchise have now been sold by Toys “R” Us in the UK.

Toys “r” Us said on Twitter that the toy from Bionix, an interactive toy that lets players collect “bionicles” through their virtual lives, was available at its stores.

The product was priced at £12.99 (NZ$19.90).

The same toy was also sold at Toys ” R Us in New Zealand.

It was priced from $17.99, but the price had been raised to $24.99.

“We continue to invest in our supply chain to ensure we are offering a high-quality toy at an affordable price.” “

Our customers have been able to buy these products in the US, UK and Canada for the last six months,” she said.

“We continue to invest in our supply chain to ensure we are offering a high-quality toy at an affordable price.”

The UK toy chain, which was recently acquired by Amazon, has been criticised for its lacklustre sales of toys like the Marvel comic book movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”, which sold poorly in the market.

Bionox has also been criticized for its poor quality and a lack of online presence.

The toys were also found to contain plastic parts that had been washed down with petrol.

“Some of the parts of the toy that we do have are actually plastic,” said the spokesperson.

“There’s a plastic tube that connects to a battery, a plastic frame that connects the toy to the battery, and there’s also a battery compartment.”

Bionex toys have also been criticised by users.

Some have complained that they were damaged by being dropped from the ceiling.

“I have found that my toys and I are not getting the proper service from the store,” said one user.

“The customer service I receive is horrible, I have contacted the website multiple times to make an inquiry and to ask if I can return the toy.

The store does not respond to my emails and phone calls.”

The Toys “rapper” band leader, Kaskade, has also complained about the quality of the toys.

“All of the Bionax toys are made of plastic, they’re all made from plastic,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Every single toy in my collection that I own is plastic, but I know for a fact that the ones that I’m selling are the ones made by BionX.”

The toy company said it had not yet heard from Kaskades claims about the toys quality.

“This is an ongoing issue and we’re working on a solution to address it,” the spokesperson said.

Bions first toy was revealed in 2012 as part of the Transformers toys line.

The Bionyx toy line was also launched in 2016, with new toys arriving daily.

The line was released by Hasbro on November 9, 2017.