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How to create your own super hero toy

In this video, Ben 10 creators and creators of other toys tell us how they use toys to explore their characters.

It’s the first time Ben 10 has shared these lessons, but they are shared with us to give you a better idea of how they think about their toys.

Ben 10 creator Ben Schwartz explains how he makes his toys in his studio in Los Angeles.

Ben is in this video to talk about how he designed his toys for the show.

We have an exclusive interview with Ben in which he explains how they are made.

Ben tells us about his experience working on the Ben 10 toy line.

This video is part of Ben 10: The Adventures of Ben and Jonah which was produced by Warner Bros. and Ben 10 Toys.

Ben Schwartz and the other creators of Ben 9: The Last Stand also discuss the creation of Ben’s toys.