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How to make squishy toys for kids

Toys for tobs: this is the part that’s most important.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your squishy toy is squishy.

If it is, it’s going to be hard to get it to squish into place.

But the trick is to make sure it’s squishy and squishy-y, and squish it.

Squishy toys should feel like they’re going to fall apart in your hand.

If you can’t, you can either buy a new toy, or make your own.

If the squishy part feels solid, you’re probably good to go.

If not, make sure you check out the Squishy tots article for instructions.

Here are the basics of how to make a squishy doll.


Get a squish-proof toy box Make sure you have a good box to hold your squish toys in.

If your toys are going to fit in it, you’ll probably need to buy one.

For this project, I used a box that had a little hole in the top.

You can find a box here for $15.

This box has the box holes cut in it. 2.

Cut a hole for your squished toy in the box 3.

Fill the box with your squishable toys 4.

Put your toy box back in place and wait for it to sit and harden 5.

Take it off the box and put it back into the box The picture above is an example of how I’m putting the squish toy in my box.

Now that the toy is in place, I can put it into the toy box.

The picture shows the bottom side of the box.

It’s the box that the squished toys will come out of.

Now, it may look like the top of the toy has some holes, but that’s the way the toy will fit in the toybox.

You’ll probably have to put a little bit of glue into the holes.

Make sure that it doesn’t get stuck in there, too.

The glue won’t hold it in.

It will be loose.


Put the toy back in the package You can use this picture as a guide.

The squishy dolls are now in place.

I put them in the bottom of the plastic box, just like the picture shows.

That’s how it should look, but if you look closely, you may see the toy in one of the holes, so that you can see how it looks in there.

Now you can put the squishable doll back in your box.

You could put the doll in the middle, if you want, or put it in the front, if that’s where you want it.

Here’s the picture of how it works.


Put it in your toy bag Now you’re ready to put it to use.

You’re going on the next step.

Put something inside your toy bags to help hold it together.

Here is the picture above, showing what I’ve put inside the box: Put the squishes inside the bag and put them back in there and wait to see if they stick together.


Put some glue on the hole on the bottom Now it’s time to put some glue to hold the toy together.

I like to use a glue stick, which is the most common type of glue that you’ll see.

I use a very thin, dark brown one.

I get them from Amazon.

I find them to be a little thinner than a regular glue stick.


Put glue in the hole to hold it Together You should now be able to see the squishers in place on the box sides.

I’m going to start by wrapping the box in a plastic sheet.

The box has a hole in it for the squishing toys.

Now I’ll make a hole at the bottom and put a piece of cardboard inside.

I’ll then put the cardboard inside a piece, and put the box back together.


Put cardboard inside the cardboard box You’re almost done!

You can see the box now.

The cardboard has the holes cut out of it.

You should see the cardboard now, too, in the picture below.

Now it will probably take a little longer to put the glue in place because of the size of the cardboard, but once you do, it should all be there.


Put plastic in the holes in the cardboard 12.

Put another piece of plastic into the cardboard hole 13.

Put one more piece of glue in there so that the box is really secured to the cardboard.

Now put the toy into the plastic bag and wait.

It may take a while to get the glue to stick.

You may want to try some other toys or other materials to see how well it works with other toys.

The plastic in your bag will help hold the plastic and the cardboard together, and it will also help hold all the squishment toys in place when they’re in your plastic bag. 14