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Pornhub cuts ties with sex toys site after ‘disappointing’ results

Pornhub, one of the largest websites in the world, has announced it will no longer be making or selling sex toys.

The decision comes amid a global backlash over what is seen as the widespread use of child pornography and a growing number of lawsuits alleging that some adult content on the site is illegal.

It also comes amid reports that the site had been blocked by Facebook, the social media platform, which says it must remove illegal content.

The company says that its content is “fair use,” and has not been made available for profit, but it said it had seen “unacceptable” results on the pornhub search engine.

It said it would suspend sales of the site’s adult content to comply with the legal process for the removal of content, and will remove all adult material from its site.

It has also said it will ban the sale of all adult content and adult-oriented products from its platform, including its adult toy store, in response to an ongoing legal battle with the adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment.

According to Pornhub’s press release, it has “been the victim of a concerted effort by a large number of online retailers to make illegal content visible for sale, in violation of our terms of service.”

“We have taken significant steps to address these concerns, but the results of this investigation indicate that we are not in compliance,” the company said.

“The site is continuing to monitor these matters and will take additional action as appropriate.”

The company also said that it had removed over 500,000 illegal images from its online store, including some that were not legal to sell, and that it would take immediate steps to remove them.

The move comes amid calls for the internet to take a stand against child porn, which has become a global scourge.

Pornhub, which is owned by Vivid, said it did not want to take the easy way out and “be held accountable for a small number of illegal images on our site.”

PornHub is owned and operated by VIVID, which owns and operates adult-related sites like Xtube and Xvideos.